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Beginners CA

Check our events list for any forthcoming Beginners CA workshops

Led by Loughborough faculty, our Beginners CA workshop is meant for anyone who has a growing interest in CA – perhaps they have heard of it, come across it in their studies, or are working in a group which uses it as an approach for research. It would also be useful for anyone starting out on research which may take them down the line of analysing talk in great detail.

The kinds of questions we will cover include:

  • What is the relationship between CA and discourse analysis?
  • Why does CA insist on the close analysis of talk, with very detailed transcription?
  • What does CA us about what people are doing in everyday life?
  • Can we use CA to understand institutional encounters, for example medical consultations or police interviews?
  • How can I use CA in my research?

The day will include hands-on group work and will cover these elements of working with recorded data:

  • How to transcribe, how to identify the components of turns
  • How to identify actions
  • How to build a collection
  • How to develop an argument in conversation analysis


  • £40 for waged or funded academics (staff members, post-docs, funded postgraduates..)
  • If you are unwaged or unfunded, please contact us to see about a waiver
  • If you work for a commercial organisation and would like to attend, please get in touch with us to discuss a fee.

Attendance and registration: 

Please first apply to Charles Antaki ( to register your interest. Once your application has been accepted, registration will be via the Loughborough University Online Store as soon as the next course dates are announced. Please note: numbers are kept low.

Some comments from last year’s attenders

It’s led by a lovely team – you pitched it all really nicely. You helped a novice get up to speed but also included those with a bit more experience

It was really helpful! I enjoyed the session and look forward to joining other sessions in the future. Thank you so much!

Thank you very much for the great time! I really enjoyed myself and on top learned a bunch of new stuff about CA, even though I already read some books and articles about the topic. I would be really looking forward to more educational or even workshop offers in this space. In any case, I will continue to watch what the great CA team of Loughborough University is doing in the field. 🙂 

Indicative schedule

The day will start at 10.00 am and end at 5.00 pm, UK time.

9:55Logging In
10:15-11:00Session 11a. what is CA?
1b. How talk is
organised (1)
CA vs other kinds of analysis
Identifying turn design
10 minutesShort break
11:10-11:45Session 22. How talk is
organised (2)
Identifying turn projection
15 minutesShort break
12:00-13:00Session 33. Methodological issuesHow and why does one transcribe in CA?
45 minutesLunch break & socialising
13:45-15:00Session 4 Breakouts4. Data session
groups A, B, C. D
Examining some data together – what to look for, how to back up your technical analysis
15 minutesShort break
15:15-16:15Session 55. DebriefReflection and discussion
Indicative timing